Monday, November 19, 2007

IBM Jingle

1. I.B.M., Happy men, smiling all the way.
oh what fun it is to sell our products night and day.
I.B.M., Watson men, partners of T. J.
In his service to mankind-that's why we are so gay.

- Triumph of the Nerds

* Thanks Snipes.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Community Medicine

I was just reading a "Textbook of Medicine" and I stumbled upon something interesting.  Goiter is a disease caused by a lack of ingested iodine used in the thyroid gland.  It causes thyroid hypertrophy (enlargement).  To publicly reduce this disease, table salt now contains small amount of iodine.  We are being treated for a disease without even knowing it.  

Friday, April 13, 2007

Death of an Engineer

A doctor, a lawyer, and an engineer are all scheduled for execution on a guillotine. As they step up to the scaffold, each is given a choice of lying face up or face down. The doctor goes first, and believing that one should confront one's fate directly, he opts to lie face up. The blade drops but then screeches to a stop just a foot above the doctor's throat. Amid the gasps of the crowd, the doctor is released.
The lawyer goes next. She is sure that legal precedent would lead to her own release were the blade to stop for her just as it had for the doctor, so she also lies face up. Again the blade stops short, and the lawyer is released.
Now its the engineer's turn. He figures that his best bet is to go with whatever worked before. So he lies face up and sees the blade overhead. But then, just before the blade is drops, he turns to the executioner and says, "Wait! I think I see what your problem is up there."

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Engineering Code

We are the willing
led by the unknowing
doing the impossible for the ungrateful
and we have been doing
so much,
with so little,
for so long,
that we are now qualified,
to do anything with nothing


Godiva was a lady who through Coventry did ride,
To show to all the villagesrs her lovely lily-white hide;
The most observant man of all, an Engineer of course, Was the only on who noticed that Godiva rode a horse.

we are, we are, we are, we are, we are the Engineers
We can, we can, we can, we can, demolish forty beers.
So come, so come, so come so come, so come along with us
For we don't give a damn for any old man who don't give a damn for us.

"I've come a long, long way" she said "and i would go as far,
with the man who takes me from this horse and leads me to a bar."
The men who took her from her stteed and stood her to a beer,
Were a blurry-eyed surveyor and a drunken Engineer.

The army and the navy boys set out to have some fun,
Down at the tavern where the fiery liquids run,
But all they found were empties for the Engineers had come,
And traded all their instruments for gallon jugs of rum.

*more to come*

Monday, November 13, 2006

I Forgot

Wow, it seems that I have forgotten to add an entry. Somehow the summer's gone, and i'm back to school. McMaster University is my home now. Engineering has struck me full force in the face. Recent WoW's. DC++, the best downloading experience you'll ever have. Google is constantly getting bigger and better. They've got absoutely everything, they're even running their own spreadsheet and text editing software ONLINE.. for free. I've also recently discovered there Photo's Section. This is my little collection. My Pictures

Sunday, April 30, 2006

cheeseburger, french fries, pancakes, maple syrup... no wait, i take that one back...

Thursday, March 30, 2006


first off, i'd be impressed if you can figure out the meaning to the title of this blog. Yesterday was in important day for a certain COUPLE of reasons. I don't know what kind of pill i took yesterday but all of a sudden, I understand G+D. For aprox 3 hours last night i worked on that math assignment, and its a beatifull day. Then after quickly finishing my homework early in the night I was able to do some arrands and watch the next section of OTH. Then watched the primer of a new show call bedford diaries or something... not so cool... but i'm willing to give it annother shot. Both of us are loosing our layer of cuba, its a real pain, feels gross, and looks gross, but it will be over. Pretty much caught up on math and physics... todays the last day of school because i have a period 2 project day on friday. My period 2 is a spare so i lucked out. I'm going to use that day to hang out, go for breakfast, and get caught up on math and fs. My mark has dropped in FS when really it should've gone up because i got a recent perfect. I also got a recent 0 because i wasn't around to do a certain assignment. Luckly she omited a few of the other assignments ... now i don't have to catch up on them althought they might have aided me in my mark ... i gota make some sacrafices.... they are well worth it.

So I gota call from mc master university last night and wouldnt' you know it... it was an old friends older brother whom i know quite well. So i heard good things from him, and he seems to be enjoying himself very much there. I've pretty much decided to go there, expecially because the only places i've been accepted yet are mcmaster and wisdsor. So its a no brainer. I already know i won't be recieving an acceptace to queens. doesn't really matter cuz i don't wana go there, but i havn't submitted my personal statemtn so they are no longer recognizing me as an applicant. The only universities i'm waiting on now are U of T, Waterloo, and Western. Time will tell. But my mind is pretty much bent of Mcmaster for ... a few reasons.

Thats enought jibber jabber from me, i've said what i wanted to say long ago the rest is just and update... Miss you

Monday, March 27, 2006

Back from March Break

Well, I should really make this short because i have a hell of a lot of work to get done. I'm starting my first day back from 2 weeks march break. The first week we went to mount sutton in quebec. Snowboarding for 5 days. The first couple days were terrible. We could only spend half the day outside because it rained so much. The last two days were increadibly. Thursday morning there was 30 cm of FRESH POWDER. It was increadibly light. It covered all the bare patches but didn't protect you from them :p. Fun times.

The second week was spent in cuba. We left sunday afternoon and got back last night at around 9. A full week in cuba and man am i ever feeling the effects. The last day we felt lacking in sun exposure so we decided to go out without putting any sun screen on. A mistake perhaps, but we got what we wanted and it is not COOL>. From my waist up is beet red, and my shoulders have actually boiled and blistered from accesive burning. It must be 2nd or 3rd degree burns or something. Hurts like a mofo. 
It was a HOT trip. Not only were we sooo comfortable, the food was amazing, and the drinks were free.

Now that i'm back to school i've gota finish up a week of school that ive missed. 4 days to be exact. 4 days of school work shouldn't be too bad. Even tho i have a physics test tommorow, and a math assignment due on wednesday. i think i'll be able to survive. As long as i can survive this burn. I just hope i don't get skin cancer.... not for a while atleast.

When's the next break?

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My Movies

Office Space
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Black Hawk Down
Chicken Run
Home Alone 2
Pirates of the Caribbean
Spiderman 2
Terminator 3
Life Aquatic
Mighty Ducks
Top Gun
Wedding Crashers
countless number of Mythbusters and pretty much ever Family Guy ever made
*edited later*
Napolean Dynamite
Happy Gilmore
Remember the Titans
LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring
Billy Madison
Star Wars (which one, I'm not sure)
Ferris Beuller's Day Off
Toy Story 2
Emperors New Groove
Forrest Gump
Bruce Almighty
I Robot
Tommy Boy
Freaky Friday
The Waterboy
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
The Day after Tomorrow
Ice Age

Sure it doesn't match hoefman, but its close enough